David A. Chapa

David A. Chapa is the founder of The CTE Group.  A hybrid consultancy focusing on both the end-user as well as the software and hardware manufacturers in the data storage, data protection, and DR spaces.  He has been in and around data protection for 30 years.  Having been witness to a great change in this space over the years, he has seen many things stay the same.  After spending years in the trenches as a backup admin, he moved to the manufacturer side in the late 90s starting with Cheyenne Software.  Today, as the Chief Technology Evangelist with The CTE Group, he speaks with a wide variety of customers and partners to understand the current market challenges and the opportunity to help close the availability and protection gaps that exist in today’s organizations.

David creates compelling content that engages, educates, and entertains his audience.  He is a sought-after technical speaker as well as a writer and is known for his ability to distill even the most complex concepts down to a level most can fully appreciate and understand.  He has written 1000s of blogs, articles, white papers, technical briefs, etc. over this long career.   You may contact David here.