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Business-Centric IT

What is Business-Centric IT?

It is a standard our founder developed to focus on the business outcomes, goals, objectives, and key operational assets to impact the core business with technology solutions offered or recommended by IT. This philosophy is the bridge that spans the gap between IT’s “techinease” speak and true business value. It is the enabling factor that allows IT to be viewed in a much more strategic light and earn the proverbial “seat at the table”. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry and works with customers to improve operational efficiencies, assess current data protection plans, and evaluate modern IT solutions, including cloud and hyper-converged architectures. Our workshops are independently focused to help build a framework to conduct business impact assessments, understand risks and exposures, and create actionable DR plans and strategies. The company is founded on three primary principles, link technology to business value, provide data-driven advisement, and develop customer-centric communication. We help turn complex technology concepts into clear comprehensive business values.

Below is a presentation titled: Business Centric IT: Data Management

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