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I specialize in helping organizations raise its voice above the noise in our industry.   I have listed 5 key areas where I can have an immediate impact to your organization.

  1. Technical Evangelist:  As a 30+ year technical veteran of the industry, I will leverage my network influence with consistent industry blogs and engagement to create sales activity, opportunity, and revenue.
  2. My brand, David A. Chapa, is a draw for keynote opportunities: Webinars and In-person presentations to gain customer mindshare.
  3. I will drive your company and product specific brands into my C-Level network.
  4. I am a trusted analyst liaison and advisor.  My influence will drive analyst and influencer engagement which will drive customer awareness and great opportunities for sales and revenue.
  5. I will be a gateway for closed-loop feedback, both internal and external.

Key areas:

  • Work closely with sales to increase revenue opportunities
  • Engage in customer opportunities as the trusted advisor to generate more wins
  • Increase the corporate profile and product awareness
  • As a customer advocate, translate customer feedback into meaningful sentiments back to product management/engineering
  • Create momentum through social engagements such as blogs, contributed articles, and video
  • Regularly engage with industry pundits, bloggers, and influencers

There is a formula to getting more at-bats for sales, and it starts with the curation and creation of relevant and compelling content that is resonating in the market, with a consistent but not obnoxious delivery cadence.  In addition, leveraging the networks of others including sales, field marketing, channel partners, etc.

This is what I can do to help your organization.  I would like to set up a time where we may discuss this further.  Let’s chat to discuss how I can help serve your organization best.

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